2022 CBME AWARDS - Innovative Design Winner 2022.08.29

Great news! Zhuazhou of Classic world toys wins the Innovative Design Awards of 2022 CBME!

CBME Innovative Design Awards honour outstanding innovative patent products in the maternity and infant industry of the year. It promotes the creation of high-quality items that are specifically suited to children's needs. Let's learn how Zhouzhou came to be.

Why Zhuazhou?

Zhuazhou also called the One-year-old Catch, is well known as a Chinese ritual held at a child’s first birthday party by every Chinese family. The parents put various objects around the child. No matter what object the child grasps, parents will say a few auspicious words. The ceremony is mainly for the elders to have high hopes and best wishes for the children.

Classic World Toys would like to pass on these best wishes for the future. 

Fit Children’s Need or Not?

Back in 2019, we found that Zhuazhou products in the market only meet the parents’ needs but ignore the children’s. No matter on safety, aesthetics or educational aspect. 

That can’t be a Classic world toy, we need to redesign it!

Bring Auspicious Culture into Childhood

The designer wished the product not only to embody national cultural spirit but also to reflect the strong desire of people for the auspicious life and prospective future since ancient times. It’s auspicious culture

We picked up 12 objects from the auspicious culture and the history of Zhuazhou.

To be strong

To be smart and wise

To study heartily

To as one wishes

To be impartial

To be rich

To have literary talent

To be good at business

To be lucky and never worry about food

To live comfortably

To have a long life

To have talent in medical healing and curing

Design What Children Love

We reshape Zhuazhou in materials, aesthetics and designs to let the playful elements come out, and run wild.

Fish-shaped abacus, it catches children’s eyes immediately

Soft and fluffy Baozi uses a special foaming technology to mimic the real one

Three Character Classic, the other side of it is The Hundred Children from Ming Dynasty, but in a cartoon version

We could find it combines modern creativity with ancient tradition via Classic world Zhuazhou set. It delivers the mark of time, the weight of history and the light of the future. More and more products in chinoiserie are welcomed and liked by foreign customers nowadays, we will add similar creative toys gradually into our international catalogue.


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