How Can We Inspire the Love for Nature? 2022.08.26


Children are inherently curious about things in nature, such as birds, rivers, and yard flowers. It explains the popularity of nature education. Children are connected to nature and are drawn closer to it via the experience of planting, nurturing, observing, and tasting.

Observing is an initial skill in the early years that help children find and organise patterns, it will be more effective if someone accompanied to answer the various queries. Because observation skill is more than just seeing things, it serves thinking.
Will trees get sick?
Who will be the doctor to look after the sick tree?
Why do the leaves have yellow spots on the edges?

Through Q&A, their curiosity about nature will be fulfilled, at the same time, they are encouraged to explore nature, learn how to protect the environment, and develop a caring attitude.

The BEETLES Project at the Lawrence Hall of Science uses "I Notice, I Wonder, It Reminds Me Of" prompts to support natural exploration.
For example:
Child: I notice there are yellow spots on the edges.
Parent (Child): I wonder if it is because of the lesser fertilize?
Child: It reminds me of the time I went to my neighbor's house and saw him fertilize a tree.

The Natural World Exploration from Classic World Toys combines toys and tools to enhance the joy of playing and learning. It consists of three levels, the top two of which are rotating observation panels. Each panel contains three different viewing lenses (one without a lens), a multi-prism, a yellow lens, a red lens, a magnifying glass and a concave glass. Children can freely rotate the panels and match them to purposefully observe the target object and continuously build up new knowledge, including basic optics.

What's even more surprising is that it is detachable! Children get two separate observation panels after unscrewing, easy to carry within a pocket. If they come across a group of tiny ants carrying the dinner, they can take out the observation panel from their pocket, to explore the mysterious kingdom of ants!


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