How the rocket was designed?
Recently we launched a new toy in the pretend play series, which is the new rocket. If you haven’t seen it yet, here are some latest photos:

We have configured many realistic environments for the interior of the rocket. Moreover, the rocket equipped many accessories to increase game play.


Assembled as a Space shuttle

The upper part of the rocket can be assembled as a Space shuttle

Space house

It can also be seen as a space house; kids can put astronauts and other small pieces to simulate the life live on other planets.

Space house

Stake on top

The stake on the top of the rocket can be used as screwdriver to help kids assemble the shell of the rocket.

Let’s look inside!

The rest of shells can be used as a cover when astronauts exploring the space. There’s also a small car, a table, a computer and many other pieces kids can play to express his/her own imagination.

The rocket inside

There’s a kitchen, a garage to park vehicle, flag and various material and an access ramp for spatial vehicles. One the third floor, there’s a machines room for technical materials (solar panel, satellite and toolbox). On the top, there’re two bedrooms with foldable beds and a telescope. Finally, let’s appreciate some of the first draft design drawings of the rocket