Our Mission

Toys made with love – We wish to bring happiness and wisdom to kids all over the world! Educate through fun play and inspire kids to learn and develop their skills. We wish to provide children around the world products that match their physical and mental development. We always design toys according to six elements that are so much needed in childhood.

Six points of Classic World

We focus on R&D for different developmental stages.

R&D for different developmental stages

Our design team involved teachers, kindergarten consultants, senior children experts, even parents become participants in our design standards.

Our Design LEAD

Alain Pineau

Alain Pineau
Creative Director

Alain is a well-known French industrial designer with 30 years of in-depth industrial design experience in the maternal and infant industry. He worked as a designer for Lego, Fisher-Price and other internationally renowned toy brands. He designed toys have won the French “Grand Prix du Jouet”, Japan “the best toy of the year”, the United States “New York Gift Fair-Now Award”, and the German international Design Red Dot Award and other international awards. Thanks to our Design Team, our toys won numerous awards and it’s still on going.


Classic World Awards